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Thank you so much, Sibylle! Thank you for making music that can help rest a tired mind but also exercise an eager one. Putting me to sleep and waking me up. Much love!
In love, enchanted, mesmerized by Sibylle's music. Thank you for capturing such gorgeous energy.
I am so happy I stumbled across your music. One of the most pure and beautiful voices. I am sitting here listening to Forget About on repeat and crying at my desk. You are simply a treasure. Thank you for sharing your voice with the world. It's better because of it. Love from Phoenix, Arizona!
Dear Sibylle, I really love your music. Thank you for sharing your voice with me. I am an artist living in the United States. Please take time to know my work through my site: Let me know if you ever need an artist for an album cover. Noé
I'm in love. Thank you a lot!
I've had Sibylles song "Forget About" floating about my head for a while now, but recently I decided to give the album a proper listen and I'v been deeply moved for a few days now while I have the "Colour Green"playing on repeat
The whole aura that contains this production it's so incredible. So glad this is my firts music discover of the year. She's so amazing!
I stumbled upon your music thru Spotify and it is haunting but in a good way. A peaceful time warp, thank you.
Please tell Sibylle that her songs fell like home to me, thank you so much <3
Oh what a beautifull magic in this music. It´s so impressive to read the comments of all those people touched by something in this beautifull music. Listening to this music makes feel very sensitive. That is more than feeling happy or sad. It´s the connection with something essential. Thank you very much!
I've just tonight heard 'I Lost Something In The Hills' & time stood's very rare that a song does that to me these days...simply beautiful. Art is it's own reward, those who decry their talent because it isn't reward in the market place do themselves a terrible disservice. Art is its own reward. Creating and listening rewards of its own accord.
Dear Sibylle Many Greetings to you
Dear Sibylle, I found you from the interview with Robert Pecknold, who told that "Colour Green" is his fav album. Now mine too :) All the best from Ukraine and thank you for you.
Found Colour Green through Tim Burgess book. Took a chance and had the vinyl sent to my village in northern England from Kentucky. It's a beautiful album! What a gift to the world.
Thanks for setting up this site. Sibyelle's music is gorgeous.
Sibylle's music is beautiful and haunting. Glad to have found it.
in awe of talent and feeling
I was born in 1960. But I never heard of Sibylle before today, 23-11-2018. How can this be? I never heard her music .... but oh my, this is really beautiful !!! The End, Softly, Remember the day. I just don't believe it, how can this have been hidden for such a long time?
It's silly it took this long for people to really listen. You are beautiful. Be proud.
I just want to send some love your way, power to Sibylle, the people she loves, and the people who love her. I adore the music she's made and I wish for her happiness.
I loved a girl with my whole heart. I still do. I think about her every second of every day and I will keep thinking about her for the rest of my life. She was the person who introduced me to Sibylle's hauntingly beautiful voice and I've been listening her songs since then. She is not with me anymore and I can't do anything but wish her happiness. I know that she will find her happiness with others and not me. I won't lie, losing her love has sent me into a dark place and I didn't know how to cope with it. Then I started to listen, and I mean really listen, not just let it play in the background while I do stuff, your mother's songs. I cried at first. I felt sad, broken and torn apart. But then I started to feel peaceful. Sibylle's voice was gentle like a mother's touch and she made me feel... at home. She made me realise how sadness is necessary, that without it we couldn't possibly understand the true worth of gentleness and peacefulness. Her voice pulled me out of the deepest pits of my depression and for the first time in my life I felt calm. I still am. I can't thank her, and you for that matter, enough. Sibylle's songs are now the background music of my life and my memories with the girl I love are blessed with her voice. I will forever cherish her memories instead of mourning and that's because your mother showed me how. Thank her for me. Thank you.
I just discovered your voice, dear Sibylle, and these fantastic songs on this sunnny autumn morning. Beutiful, moving and inspiring! Thanks a lot, also to your son, und herzliche Grüße aus Köln, Ulrich
I'm a Turkish listener of you. I dont know what you're thinking when you making your songs, I loving your colour green album like all of your other listeners sir. I'm writing it because I hope you smile when someone is show this to you. Thank you !
Just found Sibylle's music by chance and am completely smitten. hank you to Sibylle, for baring your soul & recording your music, and thank you to Robby, for taking the time to share her beauty with the world. This is absolutely beautiful.
Well, from where I come from there's isn't much time for dreaming and small pleasures, but in your songs Sibylle I can feel those simple pleasures of life; so vividly. Whenever I hear your song, Tonight, I imagine myself going back home one day to someone, whom only the sight of him sitting by the kitchen window will give me joy. You give me hope, that there's a simpler, more beautiful life out there, and I might just find it one day.
I too was born in 1955. My daughter who is 23 and I share music all the time. She just came into the back porch here in Pepper Pike Ohio and played this timeless music for me and asked when I thought it was written, andI guess right. Everything about this site puts me in a place I lived in then. Spiritual. Melancholy. A place that I love to remember and almost revisit. Thank you.
I discovered Colour Green a handful of years ago and its been a go to on grey days ever since. Thank you for creating something so beautiful
Just wanted to thank you for doing what you do, Sibylle, and thank the people that put this site together, anyone involved with helping to spread your music. There is something mysterious that I can't put a finger on about Colour Green. It really is an incredible work. Cheers!
Sibylle, I discovered your music when I was going through a difficult time and your music brought me to tears. In a good way. Thank you.
Sibylle, I discovered your music not so long ago, your voice fills me with indescribable emotions.... It makes me want to cry, but at the same time it's as peaceful as can be. It's like I have heard these in my past life and they bring back so much memories and emotions back. Also, writing this with 'Forget About' playing in the background. Bless you for your existence in this world, much love.
Sibylle, your music is so beautiful. I listen to "Tonight" on car rides home on windy roads at night. I lay on the floor and listen to "The End" and let myself cry for a little while. I'm so glad Color Green found me. With love and light Kay
eu te amo!
I remember when the album came out, how much of an impact it had on me. And throughout the past decade I've listened to it sporadically, always "rediscovering" it. And that's what happened now - I have freshly fallen in love with it again, so powerfull and fragile all at the same time - it really makes my heart flutter a bit, surrounded by butterflies. My current infatuation is "Remember The Day". I know you'll never read this Sibylle, but just so that the world know; thank you!
Bless you for your song "Tonight". For your work. Bless you for your sake.
You've touched my heart like a mother, there's no other sound like yours. I hope to meet you one day Mrs. Baier. Your music has and will forever stand the test of time. Try to make sound in the next life; I'll be listening.
Oh. also. I have a selfish little hope that you don't get too popular, because I like having a special delight all to myself. But go ahead and get real famous if that's what you want.
Wow. This is amazing, and also you, Sibyllle. I'm in love with your music. You have me feeling This is really special. I keep discovering little treasures like this, and this may be the best one yet. Well, anyway, all I wanted to say was thank you. I really love this.
Sometimes when my dreams stay dreams, I feel as though I must escape the reality of a sombre situation. To turn to a device and find something so beautifully lament yet solicitous in its intent. This was a true discovery, your a wonder to the ears. I'll hold you close for those times of need. I remain optimistic that your living a well lived dream of your own. Thank you.
Thanks for sharing this. I’m currently working on the f# minor nocturne! they’re beautiful pieces. Afte completion of this, I would go for guitar lessons. Don’t get me wrong, you have to be strong and confident to be successful in just about anything you do – but with music, there’s a deeper emotional component to your failures and successes. If you fail a chemistry test, it’s because you either didn’t study enough, or just aren’t that good at chemistry (the latter of which is totally understandable). But if you fail at music, it can say something about your character. It could be because you didn’t practice enough – but, more terrifyingly, it could be because you aren’t resilient enough. Mastering chemistry requires diligence and smarts, but mastering a piano piece requires diligence and smarts, plus creativity, plus the immense capacity to both overcome emotional hurdles, and, simultaneously, to use that emotional component to bring the music alive. Before I started taking piano, I had always imagined the Conservatory students to have it so good – I mean, for their homework, they get to play guitar, or jam on their saxophone, or sing songs! What fun! Compared to sitting in lab for four hours studying the optical properties of minerals, or discussing Lucretian theories of democracy and politics, I would play piano any day. But after almost three years of piano at Orpheus Academy, I understand just how naïve this is. Playing music for credit is not “easy” or “fun” or “magical” or “lucky.” Mostly, it’s really freakin’ hard. It requires you to pick apart your piece, play every little segment over and over, dissect it, tinker with it, cry over it, feel completely lame about it, then get over yourself and start practicing again. You have to be precise and diligent, creative and robotic. And then – after all of this – you have to re-discover the emotional beauty in the piece, and use it in your performance.
I just want to add to the love. I first discovered Sibylle's music several years ago, when Colin Meloy (of The Decembrists) put "I lost something in the hills" on a playlist for his kids' novel Wildwood. I've been hooked ever since. I let some times go by when I don't list to Sibylle's music so that i can discover it anew. This is my first time coming to the website, so I'm very moved by all the pictures and new-to-me music. Thank you so much!!
This music is so timeless. I hope your life is as beautiful as your music. Thank you.
much love to all. good to be alive
Hi, a fan from Thailand here. I am absolutely in love with Sibylle's music. Really looking forward to more :D!
Beautiful singer! Wish more people knew about her.
I love the album the colour green, it brings me to tears, it makes me laugh. It works me through so many emotions, The vocals are so touching, the voice is divine to the human senses, would love to meet the woman responsible for this simple master piece which is a total Trophy. Good job with your life Sibylle, you did amazing.
Lot of love!
Since I first heard this album during high school, it's significance has grown in my life, and in turn, I feel as though I have grown around it. These songs have shaped me to who I am today, who I strive to be, and to see the world for a place I want to belong in. Most importantly these songs have taught me about the strange beauty of motherhood, sadness, and time, and their meanings have unfolded for me as I have lived alongside them. This album has acted as a sun for me, a point to which I return time and time again, and which reminds me of all that I love. Thank you, Sibylle Baier, for your songs, which resonate within us in a way that feels something like Remembering.
I am sitting here listening to Forgett looking out the window at my first snow fall. I am enamored in the delicacy of the snow and mesmerized by your voice. Thank you.
I come from a dysfunctional childhood. Your songs, particularly 'Forget About', helps me withstand the hurt that I am to overcome. Like two arms ever open, I can come back to them, finding safety and warmth as I listen. Thank you, Sibylle. I hope life is treating you well. Take care, N.
Hello. I love your songs, they are so nice, amazing. They make me forget my problems, they bring back a sense of freedom, happiness and hope. My favorite ones are Give Me a Smile, Tonight and Driving. Thank you. Melissa Delgado Sydney, Australia
I just discovered Sibyelle's album "Colour Green" from a random Youtube video linked on Facebook, and I gotta say I was so enamoured with what I heard! Robbie, please thank your mom for recording such an incredibly soulful record. She, as well as you, deserve all the good things to come out of releasing her music to the world. It would've been such a shame if the reel remained undiscovered by you! And also, thanks for putting it out through Orange Twin. They, along with Elephant 6, are just such great people. Take! Jon (from Seattle)
I love Sibylle! thanks for everything! you have brightened so many days of mine! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 -eddy
Sibylle's music has moved me beyond words, I have never heard such beauty, thankyou for creating something so incredible
I love Sybille's music, I'm writing a novel about her. She is an inspiration to me. Greetings from Mexico
I grew up in Washington (born in 1979) and remember Sibylle a bit from my childhood. It wasn't until my friend Sarah Lee Guthrie sang a cover of "Tonight" that I realized that Sibylle was such a talented singer and songwriter. I still see musician friends throw her name around and talk about "Colour Green," which is lots of fun to see. I hope she's well. My own parents have moved to Pittsfield now and I live in Reykjavík, Iceland, so I rarely make it up to Washington - but try to visit The Dreamaway when I can!
very grateful for the recordings and the availability of Colour Green. it gives us a glimpse of incredible songwriting, artistry, and performance and it is wholly heartwarming and humbling to experience.
Beautiful voice delivering poetry of the heart. So deeply happy I found your work and hope for more, greedy I am.
eine wunderschöne Spur hast du da hinterlassen, aber sich dafür zu entscheiden eine Familie großzuziehen finde ich gut...., und im Netz nicht präsent sein zu wollen auch....; alles gute Dir und den Deinen
This is fresh and real and original. Love every line of every song! Sincere appreciation for making this available to us. Close to the heart. Love Aj
your mother's music and words are very dear to me.Those r the only thing kept me up when everything else was going bad. love from INDIA.
Hi Sibylle, Just discovered the album. Great,beautiful voice. It brings me back to the 70's but sounds fresh, as good poetry always does with an eternal quality.
I've been listening to this album on and off for the past year. The songs are so beautiful and I'm so pleased to have found it. Thank you. xxx
I'm so happy that I discovered your beautiful tunes, I know that I'll cherish them for as long as I live. Thank you and lots of love from Montenegro!
Thank you, for sharing this beautiful music. It has brought me so much joy.
I'm a radio host in Asheville NC. us. I've just picked up a copy of your record and I'm really enjoying it. I'll be sure to play it on the radio soon, and return often. Thanks for making the tunes available for us. Sincerely, Steven of Mental Notes on
I just discovered your music through spotify, and I am so in love
Your music is delicate and beautiful. Colour Green has been a constant favorite of mine for years now through good and bad times, and I still listen regularly. Thank you for sharing something so wonderful that brings so much joy to people like me.
I have been a fan since hearing The End a couple of years ago. I made a comment at that time about naming our child Sibylle if it was a girl... well it was a boy. One month ago we finally gave birth to a little girl who is named Sibylle Pinkie. You have such a beautiful voice and are amazingly talented. Thank you for your songs and music and thank you for the raw, delicious and sometimes perplexing sounds that have worked their way into my soul. I hope my Sibylle is as talented as you Sibylle.
I have been a fan since hearing The End a couple of years ago. I made a comment at that time about naming our child Sibylle if it was a girl... well it was a boy. One month ago we finally gave birth to a little girl who is named Sibylle Pinkie. You have such a beautiful voice and are amazingly talented. Thank you for your songs and music and thank you for the raw, delicious and sometimes perplexing sounds that have worked their way into my soul. I hope my Sibylle is as talented as you Sibylle.
Beautiful music!!! Thanks for putting this site together!
wonderful music that resonates deeply within me. thank you for showing me a new side to myself
Sibylle, I have just been turned on to your music which I am completely captivated by. Just wanted to let you know you that you have a new fan that appreciates and thanks you for the gift of your music. Glad you have such loving family that cares so much to keep sharing news on your behalf :)
Sibylle, greetings from Nashville, TN! I've been so enjoying listening your album this afternoon. I'm transported and comforted. Thank you to you and Robby for putting out your beautiful works.
I love you and I love Colour Green. I hate how I can't explain exactly how much it means to me and how it's carried me through so many things. I've tried but I can't. The gravity of this album is incredible. Thank you. <3
Thanks for making beautiful music that goes beyond the music.
Just discovered Sibylle, beautiful sounds <3
I'm a fourteen your old girl who has grown up in this odd new world. I was fortunate enough to have a beautiful childhood, but unfortunately, now, the teen years for us have become full of this awful corruption. All innocence is involuntarily lost. Listening to this makes me feel innocent again. It's the most amazing gift. Thank you so much. You have unwittingly become a mother to me❤️
I like when I forget to listen to your music for a while, and then I remember to again...
Photos! I need to know what this amazing voice looks like
Just discovered this and all I can say is Wow! It's so beautiful, haunting, and timeless. So happy you shared her music with the world. It's like finding treasure at the end of a rainbow. Hope your mom is doing great these days and handling the much deserved recognition for her work. Thank you!
Segued from Vashti Bunyan on Youtube to this sublime realisation of Sibylle's oeuvre, truly gorgeous....
Thanks for sharing your old gifts of music that still seems fresh. Peace. <3
I love to sit outside on nice evenings and enjoy Colour Green. Every time I listen to this album I wonder how somebody could write music and lyrics that fit so well together yet are so rich and explorable. It is such a treasure, and I hope that the Baier family shares more of Sibylle's art very soon.
Heard the album today, inspired me to write my new song. Thank you for the inspiration, it is good to know there are still honest people indifferent to ambition out there!
I recently discovered Colour Green and already I have fallen in love with your music. I hope to hear more from you in the future. Best wishes and all desires, Adelin.
Sibylle, many thanks for your creativity. Deeply moved with your music. Thanks so much from Catalonia. Gràcies!
Dear Sibylle, I'm from Argentina and I'm totally in love with your voice! Thank you, Sibylle, for your music and lyrics and thank you, Robby, for sharing such a beautiful album!
Thank you Sibylle
Komme gerade aus dem Urlaub aus Palermo, gestern den Film Palermo Shooting gesehen. Sensationeller Film, mit noch begeisterndem Soundtrack. Bin auf dein Lied gestoßen und jetzt bei deiner herausragenden CD angekommen. Wie kann es sein, dass diese CD aus den 70ern ist und keine weiteren folgten. Please, your Story must go on. Thank you so much. Best regards Stefan
So glad to have been introduced to your music. I'm so glad it made its way to the public.
Such a beautiful album
You have written such powerful poetry. Thank you.
Hello Sibylle! Thank you so much for creating your music and sharing it for us all to listen to! The world is a better place because of your work. It is so gentle and truly resonates with my soul and many others too.
Sibylle your music is so comforting, listening to Colour Green is an out of body experience. I listen to it all the time, whether I'm feeling happy, sad, or just neutral. Thank you for sharing such an amazing album!
A jewell, thank you so much Sibylle
Come un leggero vento di poesia portato da una voce semplice e bella. Tutta la mia gioia e il mio piacere. Buona Vita. :)
Sibylle, I just heard your music for the first time a week ago. It resonates with me so deeply. I'm a painter, have two young sons and have found more and more green working it's way into my work. It's a wonderful to feel in sync with another artist. Universal rhythms. Love and thanks for sharing your work.
Hello Sibylle, I came across your music and films around eight years ago, and they have remained a constant source of comfort and pleasure. Like sitting in the sunshine. Thanks for sharing.
I recently discovered Sibylle's album and just wa Ted to say how much I love it!
Colour Green is my favorite album. She is in my heart always
Thank you, just thank you, for sharing with us the wonderful music of your mom. If you could only say to your mother how her music has changed my life, I will be so happy. Thank you dear Sibylle, so much...
Sibylle, Tonight, your wonderful song, has been my favorite for such a long time. I'd like to cover it on an album!
It's great to be able to listen to this mother-and-son venture. Great sensitivity, lyrics and guitar work! Does Sibylle both sing and pick the guitar? Awesome!
Your music is so incredibly beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us.
Sibylle -- my friend showed me your album a few months ago because he's very familiar with the style of music I like. Your songs are so beautiful, and the low guitar tuning is so haunting. I play fingerstyle guitar in a low tuning as well, and have taken to covering "Forget About" for live shows. I hope I can hear new music sometime in the future. You really, really should try to do it. Might I suggest a gofundme? There would be worldwide support.
about 8 years ago I stumbled upon Colour Green; 8 years have passed and my life is completely different. However the music still seems to hit my soul directly. a modern classic.
you music breaks my heart in the most beautiful of ways is it a poetry that inspires poetry over and over again thank you
beautiful. just perfect.
Dear Sibylle, you have created a timeless form of artistic expression, so delicate and inspiring. Thank you.
Dear Sibylle, your music fills the cracks of my soul! 'Tonight' is amazing in all it's simple complexity. Thank you for writing these songs and thank you Robby for sharing them with the world. I'm extremely grateful I came across them, I won't forget the feelings these songs stir in me! Best wishes from Australia :)
Dear Sibylle, your music fills me with such joy and peace. I feel my anxiety leave my body every time I listen to your beautiful songs. xoxo
Your music is so gentle and sincere, I feel connected to my soul when I listen. Thank you and hope you continue to write and play.
...i feel the sound of your heart sibylle! beautiful.
beautiful and inspiring it feels like healing and memories thank you so much for existing
Sibylle, Thank you for creating beautiful music. I hope you are well and hope I can listen to more music from you. Be well.
I heard her songs in 2915 when I was walking through the whole way to go back to home. The smokey sandy voice was sending to my ear while I saw the views across the road. I changed my phones for twice from 2015 to 2016, but every time the first thing for me to do is downloading sibylline Bauer's songs in my phone. When I get homesick, I am grateful to hear her songs which curing the pain. Thanks for the beautiful and unique music. The greeting from China.
beauty & purity I find it. It is just what I need to hear at the moment thank you so much Sibylle... for you sharing these songs with us, and Robby thank you for sharing it online. greetings and love from the Netherlands.
I'm korean fan of Sibylle Baier..( I am rock musician in South Korea. Our band name is The Kynicos. After I've heard colour green, it feels like some kind of magic comes into my mind.. and it deeply touched my heart.. .it was amazing experience. I will often recommend her music to my Korean friends. I hope her simple and sincere music will become more famous in the future because her wonderful music deserves full respect. Let her music last forever. Thank you. :)
Thank you Sibylle! Ciao from a rainy Italy :)
I'm so glad I heard about this album. Listened to it, from beginning to end, in one sitting. I don't know how to describe how her voice, lyrics, and guitar affects me. Everything is amazing and makes me want to write more. Thank you for making her gift available to us, as well.
My jaw hit the floor when I first heard Sibylle this year. Pure genius. Thank you.
I just love her voice! Thank you, Robby, for sharing this beautiful music with us!
I discovered Sibylle about 5 years ago on Pandora. One of my top 5 fave cd's. Right there beside Linda Perhac's Parallelograms.
A friend sent me one of Sibylle's songs. I think it was Tonight, or maybe I Lost Something in the Hills . I'm not sure which one was, maybe it was a different one.... Considering that I listened to all of the Colour Green album after the track he sent I'm not sure what I listened first. To be honest some tracks I listened thrice, even more, before checking the next one. It was an unique experience, I didn't know if I should listen to the next songs or if I should listen again and again to the ones I already had listened. The sincere, intimate and might I say cozy atmosphere of the lyrics, the songs and that her voice a evokes is something I seldom feel while listening to music. It is truly a joy to be able to experience it. Best regards from Brazil.
Anyone interested in reading a very recent interview with Sibylle Baier might be interested in Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #3, in which I interview her vis-a-vis Robby (thanks, Robby). It's available here.
I am testing to see if the new guestbook functions properly. And I love Sibylle Baier!
I am so in love with yours Sibylle's songs. I'm 21 years old and that songs simply touched my soul. I was interesting in that if Sibylle is still alive (cause there wasn't any older photos on the Internet) and then I found your page. I read that she is not interesting in what her music do in many places of the world. I regret that I can't know what each of that songs have meant to her when she was singing them first time - many years ago. I think that despite the time that has passed this music is still alive. I am still thinking about "I Lost Something in the Hills" which is my favourite one. I would like her to know that those songs are very important to me and I found words in them that mean a lot to me. "Life is short but love is old" is so true.
Hello. Is your mother still singing these days? Thanks for sharing her amazing songs! Greetings from Belgium
I heard 'Forgett' today on WFMU, Jersey City & truly loved the music, your voice, your way of expression. I will look for more of your work! Cheers!
I just found Sibylles music while putting together a list for my friend who is leaving to study in the US (we live in sweden) and I found her song tonight very beautiful and haunting. There is an ocean of folk music out there but it is rare to find something so beautiful and ernest. So tell her thank you for the music (ABBA pun had to go there, but seriuosly though thank you!) and I'm happy for the web page thanks Robbie!
I found Sybille Baier's music when listening through stuff by Nick and Molly Drake on the net and was totally dragged emotionally into every single sound of her beautiful voice, that seems to be sad and smiling at the same time, dragged into this overwhelming peace, beauty and tenderness. Very special songwriting too. Einfach begnadet und großartig. "Softly" is unbelievable! Thank you, Robbie Baier, for publishing your mum's songs. Best wishes for you and your family.
These songs are so beautiful I could cry. Thank you for creating this website. I hope she will make another album.
I spent last autumn listening to Colour Green on train and at home, in the evening. It always created such a cosy, soothing atmosphere. I still listen to it very often and it helps me cope with depression. Sorry, I've never been good with words. Sibylle says it all: Sadness is beautiful. Thank you so much!
I have listened to and loved Sibylle's album for going on 10 years now! It sounds like she's moved past it all now, but please encourage her to consider releasing more music. :) Love from Texas
I've just come across Sibylle Baier through spotify. It's so lovely. Inspiring and beautiful.
Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Powerful
I found your mom by pure magical accident. I was needing her sweet melodic voice without knowing that I needed it. I've had Colour Green on repeat for the last week. Her songs speak to me in a way that music hasn't done in a long while. I can only say that I am so glad that you compiled these recordings for the rest of the world's enjoyment, even to your mother's bemusement. haha! Again, thank you thank you thank you. They're all my favorite.
i've been listening to baier for some years now, but just recently learned about her story. i can't believe the world almost missed this... thank you so much, robby, for sharing your mother's beautiful work with us.
Deeply beautiful. I feel a great identification, a warmth, in her songs. They are like old photographs full of feelings. They are a great inspiration for my photography. Assis, Brazil.
Thanks a load for sharing your music and hope for more from you. Beautiful minimalistic music accompanied by a soothing voice and beautiful lyrics
She saved my life.
Die vertraute Stimme aus weiter Ferne Schön Gerd
Amazing voice that deserves even more attention than it gets. I can hear every bit of her heart and soul in the music. I'm so glad your music got to see the light of day.
thank you for making your mother's music available beyond the family. We all wanna hear part two! Any nearer the second record...? You could always easily raise the funds on ,we did with our album last november....good luck from the hills
Sibyelle your music creates a loneliness but makes it beautiful. Everything about your music is art in its purest form. I've been searching for an album such as yours for a long time I it's very difficult to describe the beauty of it I guess I should end there.
Honestly, I'm buzzed from a night of drinking. My girl and I have been fighting and this music is so damn good for it. Well at least it's good for me. As far as she is concerned, i don't really give a damn. -charlie
Truly sublime and wonderful music. Sibylle sounds like Leonard Cohen as a woman.
I can't explain how Sibylle's music makes me feel, it's like I'm floating in some kind of remote and melancholic cloud while I warmly cry. I wish I could meet her. Greetings from a 18 years old girl from Argentina (South America), who's just met an amazing and singular artist that makes me understand what's really important in this life.
I just found your mother´s record on the web and I just wanted to say it is so beautiful, so close and intimate, so effortlessly aesthetic. If you have a chance, tell her people in Mexico love her music and are very thankful for her creations!
Thank you for the beautiful music you recorded. It's very beautiful and Sibylle you're truly an inspiration. Peace and Light to you and your family!
What a discovery! The music of Sibylle Baier is hauntingly beautiful! Timeless...I feel a kindred spirit...would love to meet you...
just discovered this lovely music. thanks.
She is so lovely! She has reinspired my songwriting. :)
her voice is so painfully beautiful, it aches every bit of my heart, so i am waiting for new songs
Your voice is peacefull :)
Just checking to find out about the song book of Sibylle's for Colour Green and also for the new album!! I love your music!!
I love Sibylle so much. I am so thankful to know her. She helped me so many times that I cannot believe. I wanna learn her birthday date.
Sibylle baier's voice spoke to my soul and her music touched me deeply. I'm thankful I stumbled onto her beautiful music
The are no words.
My adult son sent me a link to Colour Green....Wow!! Poetry to my ears, and heart. Plan on listening to much more. Thank you and have a wonderful evening.
would love to see vinyl for sale again <3
truly breathtaking
This is so great to stumble across. I'm really enjoying the songs your mother made and I'm in awe of the beauty. Thanks for sharing!!
Thank you for this site, it´s really nice you made it! I just recently stumbled across Sibylles music on this dizzy making web of ours and i really fell for it. I would love to be able to play her songs my self on guitar, would it be possible to post the chords to the songs here on the page, like for example paul simon does? Best regards Noam
So great- I discovered colour green by chance. Thank you Sybille for this breathtaking songs. Thank you. In Germany we have Alexandra and Nico and now also Sybille!
Brilliant. Really can't stop listening...found you through a friend at the Nick Drake Forum...appropriate, as comparisons would not be far fetched. A DJ friend loves the Sibylle I've shared with him. We all hope for more music from the lovely Sibylle...someday soon!
thanks so much for making this lovely music available to so many. it's truly a beautiful thing.
My favorite singer, and my favorite album of all time! Thank you! She inspires me to make music also, found here Thank you and your mom!
Lovely voice, lovely music. And what a wonderful love for the son to honor the mother this way.
I remember being about 15 in 2006 and listening to Remember the Day. I think I actually had a MySpace account purely so I could play her songs on my page! Anyway, I still really love listening to The Colour Green. Tell you mum, thank you for the music, it's still my go-to album if I want some peace and space away from work!
I stumbled upon the song "The End" and was amazed at the sound of Sibylle's voice and the pure raw sound of the music. I then found my newest favorite song of all time..."Softly". Thank you Sibylle. My wife and I are having a baby and we have decided that if it's a girl her name will be Sibylle.
I stumbled upon the song "The End" and was amazed at the sound of Sibylle's voice and the pure raw sound of the music. I then found my newest favorite song of all time..."Softly". Thank you Sibylle. My wife and I are having a baby and we have decided that if it's a girl her name will be Sibylle.
the most beautiful sound in the world
Hi. I discovered Sibylle's music when I was 16 and now I'm 25. I don't know why I bought that album, but I have been in love ever since. It's been a refrain throughout some of the most formative years of my life. Please make sure Sibylle knows that she's part of my life, sort of an emotional interpreter for me.
Your mother is a great and remarkable woman, thanks a lot for sharing. Love.
Also, does she write her music out before she records it? I was wondering about the structure of her songs. I have been plucking them out on the piano but it is so strange to me. I can seem to replicate it.
Hi. My name is Simon Peters. I discovered your mother's music about a week ago. I am a musician myself! Not as well accomplished, clearly, but I would love to learn to write like her! I want to learn! -Simon
These days my friend was wearing a hand-made t-shirt written "Sibylle Baier". I asked him who whas that person, and here I am listening to her songs and loving each one of them.
Heard "tonight" in the movie Drinking Buddies. I had to look it up right away. Amazing voice. I had no idea this music was recorded so long ago because this is what a lot of artists are trying to do now still. Amazing. So peaceful and relaxing. Liz
Sibylle's music touches my heart and soul in a way that so very few artists ever have. The moment I heard her voice, I fell in love. I've listened to her album nearly every day since I discovered it. I only wish there were more of her music out there.
It's comfortable to listen to your mom's music. Glad to meet her voice and special atmosphere through her song. BTW, the design of this website is comfortable too.
I fell asleep listening to a musician by the name of Keaton Henson. Youtube autoplayed through multiple albums of random artists and then i woke to the voice of Sibylle Baier and I fell in love and I can't get enough! Sibylle, you're a modern Sylvia Plath, if not more amazing! I'd love and adore for you to come back into the music scene!!! We need some live videos!
"I lost something in the hills" is so intense. Thank you Sybille Baier.
une découverte précieuse.. une voix belle de nuit..hypnotique ou tragique qui vous suit jusqu'au petit jour ..quelques photos si puis ce prénom Sybille qui vous va si bien ,car il y a là quelque chose de divin..merci!
Softly is my favourite song of the album. Great job doing this for your mother.
heard her on WFMU "Give the drummer radio" and went to iTunes to purchase.
I'm very excited as regards the preparation of the future songbook !
Thanks for sharing this last song I hadn t heard yet "let us know" It s amazing ! Also how about this new album you wanted to make with unreleased songs ? Is it still on ?
Love her voice, love her songs. I'm absolutely perplexed with her song "The End". Magical voice, really. Cheers from Brazil.
Deeeeeeeply in Love.
I stumbled upon "the end" today totally by's a great song. thanks
Your mother's music is so enjoyable and relatable that I had to find this site and comment, in the hopes that you would tell her that I adore that album. She has a gorgeous voice, and is brilliant poet.
Thank you for making such beautiful and inspiring music.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful music
I was amazed by her songs, i first heard them a few months ago, and I thought she was a young girl with very original ideas... It instantly reminded me of Leonard Cohen's first albums, or Nick Drake´s... Congratulations! You have an Amazing Mom! Very talented and sensible. I hope, if she has more material, that it will sometime soon be released. Cheers!
Thank you for the music !
I listen the album and i is very good. really awesome.
Found Sibylle songs yesterday on youtube. Great lyrics and great music.
I am from Costa Rica, and I am profundly touched by your songs, if you could just imagine the feelings that took over me when I first listen to your grandiose masterpiece "I Lost Something On The Hills"... I have kept the song as a favorite for long time, but since english is not my first language I didn't crave the lyrics for long time, until today. I must say that your album overall is for me one of the top 5 female fronted folk acts of all times. I hope that if you could release another album of house recordings, nothing fancy as it is not needed for you, I could listen to it and fell the swift from the 70's to nowadays, I am pretty sure that you have made yourself of a lot of good poems along the years. I am happy that you exist and released that album. Thanks for making my life sublime.
wonderful wonderful music I would like any updates, etc.
Its beautiful, its nothing, you made me forget about. Touched
Greetings from Turkey! I am a true amateur, only recording covers (if interested: ). I adore Sibylle's songs, I wish you could publish the chords because I couldn't find the sheet of my favorite, Give Me A Smile, I really like to sing it :) Best
Dearest Sibylle, I can't even begin to thank you for your songs. I've discovered them for some time now and since then they acompany me in both times of glee and sorrow. I find them to be very honest, insightful and well, beautiful. I know you didn't intended to share these songs with the world when you first wrote them, but I'm glad you did. Greetings from Mexico, Ingrid favorite part of 'Softly' is the repetition of 'My daughter, my son...' so please, don't collaborate. best Ilana Tess favorite part of 'Softly' is the repitition of 'My daughter, my son...' so please, don't collaborate. best Ilana Tess
Hey, saw your post about the songbook and I'm definitely interested in being able to learn Sibylle's songs! $30 is a bit pricey however.
Hi I am a famous musician from Lisbon, Portugal. I have some works done in the jazz scene, and it's doing pretty well. I want to work with you, because I really like the album, but I can't really stand the fact that you repeat 3 times "my daughter, my son" in the song Softly, every single chorus. Do you think you can fix it it in case of a collaboration please? Bests Pedro Branco
I discovered Sibylle Baier's music a little over a year ago, and I absolutely love it! On Youtube her album Colour Green is up @ and 'cause of it her album is on my wish list to buy next <3
Do you have a project for a songbook of "Color green" ?
Hallo, mein Name ist emanuelle! Ich fand die CD, die Person, die herrliche Stimme zufällig auf Youtube und fand diese Seite, ich würde gerne über die Geschichte und die Flugbahn wissen, bitte, wenn Sie mir Informationen zu senden, um mehr über Sibylle Baier lernen werden es Ihnen danken, bereits ein Fan. Ich komme aus Brasilien, Weihnachten / RN um genauer zu sein. Ich schaue zurück besorgt. Küsse
Does anyone have the lyrics to "Let us know"... ? <3
i just found the colour green from an online magazine, '' and fell in love. so happy her work out in the world and that she was acknowledged for it, even after all these years.
Sadness is beautiful! Pedro from Venezuela
I've heard you just now for the first time and found you by myself. Sometimes happens, we can see this beauty, the touch of some old feeling, the memory of something we don't know.
Me, my boyfriend and some other friends absolutely love Sibylle's album. I play it a lot when I'm at home, so relaxing. The melodies, her voice, it's all so warm and nice. Laura from Amsterdam
Any concerts in France ?
Very beautiful music...just discovered Ms Baier this evening, but I do recall hearing some talk of her music occasionally in the recent past. Glad to have made the connection finally! Alles Gute - mike
beautiful work !! you must be proud of her :)
I would love to purchase a songbook! The vinyl is absolutely incredible.
Ich bin vor genau 3 einhalb Liedern zufällig auf diese wunderschöne Musik gestoßen! Mindestens so faszinierend wie Suzanne Vega! Ich bin in den Melodien und in den Texten gefangen.
I wait for the new album !
Brilliant! I get lost in my own world when I listen to her songs.
I would love to purchase a Sibylle Baier song book! All my friends and I love your music, it is so simple and perfect and lovely! Thank you for sharing your gift!
Found this through First Aid Kit's playlist on facebook. Glad I did!
Best album purchase of the year, for me. Wonderful. Makes me cry, in such a nice way. I'm hungry for more, and dreading the day when I may have overplayed this album.
Interested by the song book with copy of the original work and tablatures!
its beautifull what you are doing for your mother and her story ♥
Anyone correct "Let us lnow" lyrics? Let us know that a little things are little And big ones big Life is fragrant and brittle At weak and the tree I've knowing It grows for the sake of growing From the drunken I saw my tryin' I'll become home My souls in the freedom I'm seeing The one in the many for It knows without knowing Have us see what is now in the light of eternity Let us be you and me By griting on water Living on trees And bracing the face of our dying Into this brilliant space By grows for the sake of growing
A songbook would be a wonderfull thing. A wonderful voice Sibylle has. So fragile, so soft and enchanting. x
will be happy to buy Sibylle Baier song book! any news?
Hello! Sibylle Baier a beautiful singer. I like she's music.
Thank you so much for releasing this music for all of us to enjoy. I listen to this album often and lose myself in it. Such beauty!
This album is the first I've actually purchased in years. I can't tell if it's really dark or really tender. At the same time I'm really happy and really sad that we all love this music.
Just ran across Sibylle's songs on youtube today. Great stuff! I'll be purchasing the album. Hope all is well.
I had only been introduced to Sibylle Baier yesterday, as Faris Badwan of the Horrors recommended her music to me when I met him after the gig yesterday. I've only heard very few songs but I'm absolutely blown away. So thanks to Faris for the recommendation, and of course Sibylle for the incredible music.
I find myself again and again. Then I turn over the record and again and again...
What a remarkable woman who had the courage to speak her truth and the talent to execute it with her own sense of beauty. People who show us that the human heart is deep and rich are sooo important to humanity. A true individual. My love to you Sibylle, A.R.
Your mother's remarkable voice together with the depth of her texts make me dream of a lost paradise. Thank you so much for spreading her work, what you ve done here is very touching. ps would be fantastic to read her poems too
Sibylle has changed my life. I would buy the song book if it was 100 $
I came here first to say that a songbook would be incredible and that I would purchase a copy without question. But more importantly, I just wanted to try and express a small part of the love I feel for Sibylle's songs. I first heard the album 'Colour Green' on a dark night, driving through the countryside in Wisconsin with a college friend. We sat in silence and listened to the album straight through, and when it was finished, my friend asked me, "Is it all right if we listen to it all over again?" Of course it was. That was over three years ago and I have listened to the album many times since and every time it takes me to a new place. Thank you, Sibylle.
Just discovered Sybille's album today. It's perfect for me and I absolutely love it! Thanks!
I would love a songbook! I signed up for the email list, hopefully I can find out as soon as one is available :)
First heard Sibylle Baier from a friend and was instantly blown away. Colour Green is terrific, and I was just curious as to what guitar was used to record the album, I love the mellowness of it.
Please create a songbook!!!!
I'm joining the pleading cry of the people: give us a songbook, Sibylle!
This morning (October 10, 2011) I stopped in a little coffee cafe in Mission Hills of San Diego, California and heard a beautiful, soulful voice and asked who it was. I was told Sibylle Baier and came home to search for her on Google. Thank you for for building a website for your mother's music. I am a new fan!
I like Sibylle's music, but i think it would be nice if someone can upload some chords/tablatures.
I've been on this website before. I've posted before about how much I enjoy Sibylle's music immensely. I'm doing it again. Thank your mother for me, because her music is... arresting.
I want to say that, throughout the ever-changing phases of my musical tastes, Sibylle has remained, and shall always remain, one of the few constants. Colour Green is fantastic and beautiful, and I will always cherish it as one of my all-time favourite albums. I hope in the near future to hear more work, as I'm sure it will live up to everything SIbylle has already produced.
I can't even believe how beautiful this record is. It makes my skin shiver. Her voice is astounding. The words are perfect. I feel lucky to have stumbled on this album as soon as I woke up today. I'll never forget the feeling it gave me. Like there's still beauty out there around every corner. I'm in love.
I am 29 and live in Mississippi and have just fallen in love with Sibylle Baier's CD Colour Greene. This is more awesome than Joni Mitchell. It's like Mrs.Baier poured her soul into her music and gave a bit away to everyone who hears it. Wish there were more songs. I bought the entire CD on Sept 11 and have listened to nothing but it on my iPod. Thank you so much Robbie for sharing with with the world. It is AWESOME!!
Oh I've fallen in love with this Sibylle Baier. Her music is full of such heart and thought. I love the delicate dynamics in every song! Thank you, Robbie, for sharing her with the world. I sure do hope you are all well.
I love Sibylle's music, I saw that you were considering releasing some of the guitar tabs and chords for her songs. This would be great! Please know that you have my support in this.
Thank you for sharing your mothers wonderful music. I was fortunate that someone posted " I lost something in the hills" which is amazing and lead me to discover her wonderful work. thank you! Lawrence, Virginia Beach, VA
I've currently stumbled upon Sibylle's music and im must say i love every second of the album I treasure her finding as much as i treasure the finding of nick drake.
I'm from Brazil. Sibylle Baier foi a minha grande descoberta de 2011. Sua música transcende fronteiras e tempos. um afetuoso e brasileiro abraço para Sibylle Baier.
What lovely songs to stumble across. Beautiful. x
Hello, I'm 21 years old and I live in Wales in the UK, and a couple of weeks ago I listened to two or three of Sibylle's songs on Youtube then decided to buy the album, and since then I've been listening to the album atleast once or twice a day. I'm really into punk rock music and my top 20 albums is full of abums by bands such as The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Stooges and The Ramones. But Colour Green is definitely in my top 5. And it's a pleasure sharing her music with my friends :)
absolutely breathtaking. thank you for your beautiful music and thank you for setting up this lovely website. with love, from canada
I just wanted to tell you that I had never heard any of your mother's beautiful music before. I was introduced to it by a Track Of the Day site today, and her stunning, intimate voice gave me such chills - I had to find out more about her. Consider me a fan now! Just a beautiful delight for my ears. I am grateful she has given us these sounds.
Haunting, beautiful music.
Beautiful songs.
I discovered your music through the Amazon site your songs have an exceptionnel melancholy beauty and an extraordinary simplicity very beautiful album
I like this music.
Sibylle's music is mesmerizing. Would love to hear her perform in Canada. Happy Days Melissa
I also would be very much interested in a songbook. The music is beautiful. Best regards from Germany Christian
Sibylle's music is what I've been missing this whole time.
Hello- I would very much be interested in a songbook!and $30 is definitely a feasible price. please, oh please! Lizzy
I would be interested in a songbook! With love from France
I wonder if Leonard Cohen knows of you...
I am so grateful that there is an artist out there who unlike a lot of artists, knows her way around a simple pen and paper. A songbook would be fantastic!
Bonjour, je vous écris de Paris (France) j'écoute le disque Colour green sur Deezer, c'est merveilleux. J'adore la voix de Sibylle, je vois des paysages qui, s'ils ne sont pas très gais, sont très beaux. Merci à vous. Merci beaucoup. On peux acheter le disque ? Claude (I am a woman)
just wanted to say thank you for making these wonderful recordings xo
Another Summer, another return to your mystical songs with their whispered visions, potent beauty, and muted, delicate moments of epiphany... sheer magic! Just saying again that a songbook, perhaps with some photos and clippings or even a short memoir from you, would be a souvenir of your artistry, much to be cherished...
Just wanted to say it's rare that anything is so honest, pure, and simply beautiful these days that it stops me in my tracks. Sibylle's must did. One of the best discoveries I ever made by accident. I'm sure it will inspire my own writing. Thank you.
Lovely voice, lovely music. And what a wonderful love for the son to honor the mother this way.
a songbook would be great!
please can you make a chord book?
Just a fan stopping by to say I love your music and I've done my part to spread the word.
All your songs are amazing! I'm grateful to be able to listen to them (accidentally!). I wonder about all the trips/experiences which had inspired those songs. And the fact that you're a now full-time mom make you're a wondeful person, imo!
Please,please make a song book!
Hello, the songbook idea is great! I'm a pianist who plays guitar too and a fan of Sibbyle Baier from İzmir,Turkey and tryin' to play her songs by ear but having that book can be great as well. 30$ is ok for me and few friends of mine who also want to buy. I don't know the shipping cost but it's not important because having her song's scores is a dream for me! I will keep it with my Colour Green LP
I discovered Sibylle Baier's music from Vashti Bunyan fans' recommendations, and I love her work. I sleep to it at night. As to a songbook, I say that idea rocks. I need guitar chords desperately!
I would love to be able to play the colour green, my mom and i love this album and have tried to figure out this song in particular along with William, but alas we cannot, where can we find tabs?
so beautiful song,so nice singer!your mother's voice just bring me to the old wonderful time!thanks very much!I am from China and I want to say that there are also a lot of people like the music in my country:)
Oh a songbook would be so wonderful! I would buy it!
Yes!! A songbook is a brilliant idea. And the tabs inside too!! I would be pleased to buy it (even if it doesn't make it to Canada).
Please please PLEASE make that songbook! It would make my life!
Thanks for posting the lyrics. I love "I Lost Something In The Hills" and intend to learn it. Absolutely brilliant!!
Picked up the "Folk is Not a Four-Letter Word Vol 2 CD" at House of Records in Eugene, Oregon - fell in love with "Softly" on the first listen. Truly, as Andy Votel says in the liner notes, a "desperately fragile folk song(s)."
I am a Flamenco guitarist/song writer. I love the transparency of these recordings - they speak volumes
i love the silence and the beginnings and the endings of the pauses. the recordings i've heard via mp3's and youtube imply her willingness to respect the silence, to worship it at times. someone with that sort of discipline and character and restraint sorta scares me. its like looking directly into the rapture with your ears.
Sibylle's album is my favourite album of all time, thank you for everything
I just read a short piece from Le Monde ("Les silences de Sibylle Baier"), and followed the musical trail. This is a revelation to me. So gentle. I feel more real than I did a short while ago. Thank you.
I understand her will to keep her music to her family...but I'm very happy you Robby shared it with the whole world and let us really enjoy Sibylle's music ! Thx a lot to the two of you.
I'm new to Sibylle Baier's music, and I really enjoy it. She probably gets a lot of compliments like this, as I see from all of those who signed the guestbook, but I just wanted to say Thank You Sibylle Baier for all the music.
Colour Green is one of my all time favourite albums. Sibylle Baier is a godsend. We love you and wish you all the best in life.
Thank you so much for this sharing your mother's music. I would most definitely buy a song book for $30 - please make one!
Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us! I have been listening to Colour Green for a few years now. The songs are timeless and the lyrics tell such beautiful stories. You have even inspired me to write some of my own songs! Wishing you and your loved ones all the best!
I agree with others, a song book would be wonderful. The price you've suggested sounds most reasonable.
So grateful to have come into contact with Sibylle's music.PROBLEM IS IN OUR COUNTRY DOES NOT HAVE A PAY PAL .... OR ANY SORTS OF FACILITIES LIKE THIS so i dont have the album whole please help me
Truly beautiful and haunting music that evokes so many emotions, thanks for building this site - enjoyed the pics and info.
thank you for your gorgeous music , greeting from Indonesia :)
I would love to have a tablature book of Colour Green!
Thank you for the very wonderful music!
Mit vielen guten Gedanken an Sibylle. Herzlich, Jochen Richter
sie ist wundervoll!
I was thrilled when I found some videos on youtube and visited this site. you are looking for the movie umarmungen (subtitle one: und 1 Million zuviel, subtitle two: und andere sachen). I couldn´t find a copy yet, but I wrote an email to the director, maybe he owns a copy. on amazone you can get the script. greetings from berlin! rico
Singular, amazing, heartbreaking. A elemental presence. Is "Alice" available anywhere to rent or stream?
what a disarming beauty.. I just orderded my copy of Colour Green, - best luck xxx
her music is still making unexpected appearances all over the world: today "tonight" suddenly popped up in facebook in germany ... :)
I found the song Driving on Pandora. I am a semi-professional musician and composer and am stunned by the beauty of this song and the creativity of the songwriting. Thank you!
I listen to this album when I am doing my artwork, and have trouble sleeping. It always soothes me and puts me in a beautiful trance to say the least. Your mother is an inspiration to me and many others.
The best part of my day was driving to work with "Forget About" playing loudly. It was perfect and beautiful and all I needed.
Hi there, I stumble across Sybille on youtube and I am in awe. Such a hauntingly beautiful voice!
dear baier's thank you for this music, are you thinking about putting a book together cause i would LOVE to get one and know many other dear friends that would love one!!
Hello Robby, My grandson gifted me with "Colour Green" this Christmas. I've been enjoying Sibylle's songs, and love the background story...thanks for sharing her music with the rest of us.
I cannot really explain how her music makes me feel. I just hope everyone gets the chance to hear her. A music from another time that at the same time sounds timeless.
cigarette & Sibylle & love & the end
truly amazing, incomparable beautiful music. each song is different better than the last
There's something so nostalgic about your mother's music. Simple beauties~
Thanks for the magnificent album. Grretings from Spain.
A book would be lovely. Please let me know if it becomes a reality.
I would get a 30 dollar book like that in a hot second.
hello there! savannah here. i'm not sure if this is going to sibylle baier or her son, robby, or.. ya' know, i just don't know, but i thought i'd take the time to tell whomever is reading how much her music has helped me. now, i've never been a fan of "pop" music. i've always been a folksy girl, but her music has inspired me so much and helped me through a whole spring/summer. her song I Lost Something in the Hills. o.O! gives me goosebumps. i wrote a whole essay on it. the line, "I grew up in declivities. others grow up in cities. where first love and soul takes rise. there were times in my life, when i felt mad and deprived. and only the slopes gave me hope." in retrospect, i try to think of how she must've felt when she wrote that. OHP! i'm running out of room, so.. so long! -Savannah
I know at least four people including myself that would very happily pay $30 for the book. Please do it I would be so happy!
You have a terrific website. Please read mine.
So grateful to have come into contact with Sibylle's music. Have been immersed since my friend introduced me to it weeks ago. This is a rarity, that I will continue to revisit an album to such extent, almost as a default. There've only been a few, and Colour Green is one. Thank you to Sibylle and also to Robbie. Danka;) -ben
some people say talent is gifted by god but some choose the other ways to shine, or just keep by themselves and never been told. It's been a long time for searching the sound from my heart and thank gad I finally found you. this is an honestest message from a Chinese 21 year old person. May god bless you.
Very touching song by your mom, and lots of guys in China love her~~~
hi!so happy to find this web .her voice is so beautiful and makes me feel relaxed.
Hey! Just letting you know that Thom Yorke cited Sibylle Baier in his office chart recently. Cool! Can't wait for new music. :)
Robby,your mother's music is so beautiful and sublime.It radiates with love and sincerity. I would love a songbook. Thank you for putting this website together.
Love the album! Would definitely buy the book, you should make it happen. It would be nice perhaps to have some pictures there too, from the 70s, and maybe some old notes, hand written lovely would that be!
Great page. Wish you alway happy...
The songbook would be a great idea. I'd love to play Sybille's songs... they are helping me get through autumn for a second time.
I'd love a songbook...hope there's enough interest for it to be published. Good luck, Robby!
I heard about the music from a friend, I look forward to hearing Sibylle sing to me : )
I would absolutely purchase a songbook. I'm sure she had no idea all these candid room recordings would be so coveted so many decades later, makes it more personal and likable.
Hello there. I think a song book wold be wonderful, I would for sure purchase one! Also how do I buy color green on vinyl on the internet? I love Sibylle's music. It is very inspiring.
Excuse me, but I do not speak English. Beginning October ... I discovered you. Thank you for the emotions, sounds and visions. Thank you to exist. Fresh and long life to you
Hi! Read at that Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal performed the song "Tonight" on Minnesota Public Radio, and went over to Google's web home to listen and was deeply moved. Reminds me of the first time I heard "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" from Fleet Foxes. Just wanted to thank both Robby and Sibylle herself for the wonderful music :)
Ich habe mir die Vinyl-Schallplatte gekauft. Unglaublich wunderschöne Musik. Schöne Grüße aus Frankfurt am Main
PLEASE do release a songbook. It would bring joy to many people who want to share the beauty of this music. I play piano and have spent many nights hopelessly trying to figure out her songs.
I would definitely buy a songbook. I would love to see as many details in it as possible.
Yes yes to songbook! I have been searching for tablature/chords of her songs but sadly no luck. Recently introduced to her music and very much in love xx
I think her voice is the one of the most beautiful things in the world. Monika, Poland
I love how original and emotional all the music is!
ok "tonight" is kinda in F........but you can tune down a whole step the album version.....well kinda that tuning on that day or morn .......that was a night was/is just special ......its perfect song book would help...........but bring yer ears fun labor day playn that song wow JI
i am learning "tonight when i came home from work"
I'd buy that songbook in a flash! Thank you for sharing this beautiful music with the world.
i would very much like a songbook! i think it would be a fantastic idea, as i too make music and am unable tro decifer the chords to any of sibylle's songs and love them to an endless degree! thank you for making this music, it has provided great comfort to me over the years, grace
I've been searching for info about an old friend I knew in Chicago in 1979. A painter, Dwight Berry (signed his work as Andres Marina). He traveled to Ibiza, Spain often with another friend Dickie Shay. I knew he had moved back to Waltham, Mass. I briefly heard from him and many years ago lost contact. My most recent internet search turned up the posting to you on Feb 11, 2009 from Bobi Lore. It sounds like you must have known him also, so I'm wondering if you might be able to share anything you might know about Dwight, and perhaps you know something about his friend Dickie. Wondering what became of them both is something I think about often. Please feel free to contact me, -Mykl
Hello, Thanks for putting up this site! I love Sibylle's music, and yes songbook!
A songbook would be terrific...I hope to see one soon! I love your mother's music, it is really special, thank you for making this site and helping her music live on!
a songbook would be AWESOME. do it.
Colour Green - what a beautiful album, I love your music, thanks for the songs x
OH PLEASE make a song book!!
i would love this !
The songbook is a great idea. I would pick it up without question no matter what the price was.
I would certainly pay $30 for the songbook. Such great music! And I can play guitar and sing, but don't have much of an ear for figuring out chords or tabs... :)
Hello! i am very glad to hear there will be a songbook! the song colour green has been my anthem for many years and i would love nothing more than to be able to play it on my guitar. i think 30$ is a good price, as well :)
I would definitely buy such a songbook. 30$ are okay, I think. I would love to play some of Sibylle's songs - but I'm too lazy to write down all the chords myself ;) Oh, and I'm waiting for the colour green vinyl right now. Just ordered it in Braunschweig's vinyl store. Hope it's gonna arrive soon...
Dear Bobby, I would LOVE to see the Sibylle Baier songbook as you describe. Please include some photos of Sibylle as well. It would be fun if you could find one of her with Wim for the song Wim for example. Maybe this isn't something you would like to do but it is just a thought. Colour Green is an album I take out at certain moods and seasons of the year. It is such beautiful, gentle, consoling music and I think some of the songs have real healing power. One thing I have always wondered about is the final song on the disc with the orchestra. Was that a one-off in a studio or do you know more? We would love to hear more of your amazing Mother's music in the future. I think it would be really cool if she and Vashti Bunyan would do a duet sometime, as well.
I am thinking about putting together a Sibylle Baier song book covering all the songs on Colour Green. The book would feature guitar tablature, lyrics and chord names. Also included would be copies of some of her original lyric sheets. Could you please leave some feedback on the guest book page if this is something you might be interested in? Would $30 be too much? I am trying to figure out if this will be feasible and if there is enough interest. Thanks!!
I discovered this music on Pandora on a "Nico" station. It is so beautiful. I keep listening to "I Lost something in the hills." Thank you for enriching me with your art. Drew in Savannah, Georgia
Thank you.
Hello Robby- You have a treasure of music and photos here. I've enjoyed looking through the site, and hearing the music. I'll probably purchase the vinyl record. Mark Myrtle Beach, SC
Hi Robby Bought the 12" vinyl. Great! LP arrived today 12 July 2010 in perfect condition. Very Happy Regards DougBear
@samuel You are a lucky bastard. Sibylle Baier is amazing, I wish I knew someone that appreciates her work.
Oh My God!I Can't Believe that only yesterday I found this Delicated,enriched and melted heart and mind sound.Like a Sunny day in Winter your music is a gift for us.Thanks for all your music!:) Regards from a Brazilian Fan
a couple of weeks ago on a train i sat opposite a very shy and sad looking girl, and as she looked as if she was about to cry i asked her if she was okay, and she told me she was she was just listening to this album on her ipod by someone called sibylle baier that is very sad and beautiful. since then i have brought the album myself (just in time for the second vinyl release i see) and am now dating that girl. it one of the most wonderful things in life, when you stumble across something from another place and another time and it captures your mood and changes you forever. thank you.
What a wonderful album! My husband and I own a record store in Vancouver, Canada and we just got this LP in... once I heard it I immediately ordered more! The beautiful stark simplicity of the music and lovely haunting lyrics make it my top album pick of the week. I hope to play it for many people so they can discover Sibylle's music as well... Thank you !!
I found Sibylle by way of Rhapsody and a hyperlink adventure. It starts while listening to the Computer World Radio Channel where I found a newer band called Ladytron. After linking to the Ladytron artist page I followed a youtube link where Ladytron talk about a favorite album from Leonard Cohen called Death of a Ladies Man. I followed the link to Leonard Cohen and enjoyed a few songs and notes about Leonard. Then I noticed a contemporary named Sibylle and followed that link to find Colour Green and the remarkable story of the album. As a fan of Nick Drake, I can't help but notice similarities in melancholy style and simplicity, not to mention the odd timing of 60's and 70's folk music transplanted in the new millenium like a time capsule.
Came here after listening to "The End". The song touched me so much... I listened to it several times before I could let go. I now have the CD and I love every song in it. Thanks a lot for writing this music and lyrics.
Haunting music. Ended up here thanks to Maria McKee, who posted a link to a clip of "I lost something in the hills".
A more than pleasant discovery.
greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat !!!!
Ich bin eben über einen Song von Sibylle gestolpert. Bei der Arbeit. Und dann habe ich 5 Minuten nichts getan und zugehört.
Your music is like a dream... summer warm nights and broken relationships. I can't stop listening, thank you so much for existing. You make me cry. Much love, Serena Matthews
I love music. I once dreamed of playing music but my greatest passion has been photography. I have had success getting my work out there, outside my family, who call what I do a hobby. My life work has been a large body of work focusing on a small Iowa county, its people, small towns, farms, kids, old folks, county fair, stores, and so much more. These images originally came out of a number of adventures my dying father and I had as we drove all over our home territory in Harrison County during the six months he was a resident of Longview Nursing Home. We took these trips in my beat up pickup for two hour jaunts into the place he knew as home. I have a story to tell in both photographs as well as words of my father's sense of place and my hopeful yet undiscovered understanding of where home is. I want to tell my story (half finished) and show my images, which have been locked away in my workroom for a long time. I guess I'm afraid to do this work because it may not be a good as what I have produced in the past. I think this is a part of me that I have never shared with my family and my good friends. My private images and words which will I think let others see what I have hidden for so long. Kept under wraps. I would hope that Sybille would reveal more of her own true story with us. The music I have of hers I play frequently. It's true and touches me because it is like honey in the wax, not "purified" by some company so its prettier. The power in her is in me too and I will share my vision and my words because I can point to it and say I made something I think is important. I've been alive and my talent may not be great but I used what spirit I could control that's in me to reveal the beauty and life force in a place most people nap while driving through. Phil
One of the most beautiful and sincere albums i've ever heard. The first time i heard "the end" i was so blown away, couldn't stop listening. such a lovely voice
Great Tracks, really am loving it. Would love to be notified when the vinyl gets out. Thanks again for the wonderful music.
Thank you! Thanks for existing! Your music is always a great comfort.
ahh. LOVE. i've desperately needed something new to love and this was the perfect record to fall into my lap. so pretty!!
just curious, would like to learn more.
Hi Robby, I'm from brazil and I need say: Sibylle Baier is the most singular singer,her voice,her song and everything is so different,I just feel cause here in Brazil I can't have much acess a her discography. Thank you for opportunity express my admiration for her. Fernanda Marquez
love the music! would it be possible to upload the lyrics of her song "LET US KNOW"?
I like Sibylle Baier even more than say Joni Mitchell. She could've gone really really far as a singer, but what's really in that anyhow?
Thank you for releasing this music, and for the additional info and photos on this website. Regarding the photos, this one in particular I find very moving: It would be nice to see a higher resolution version posted. PS: Looking forward to the release on vinyl...
astonishing delicate and beautiful...thank you so much for let us and share this piece of gem with everyone of us
i just got the Colour Green album, i can't stop listening to it! these are some of the most wonderful songs i ever heard, really! thank you for issuing the album.
I found you because of that "customers also bought this..." function of iTunes. I'm so glad I stayed up so late listening to a random string of artists. You stood out so strong I immediately bought Colour Green. Its my "before bed" album, when I need to wash away the day. Im excited beyond belief about the vinyl, aaaaand new music!!!
beautiful stuff. greetings from australia.
Hi! greetings from Lima , Perú! y just got your record and i really enjoy it, i think you are blessed with a beatifull voice!! love
Bought the Colour Green CD a few months ago and it's one of the best albums ever. I think I'm gonna buy it on lp when it comes out. I think this music is worth listening to on vinyl!
So goddamn beautiful.
juhuu, just read about the lp, ist sie, die lp schon wieder auf dem markt? ... waiting for so long ..... :)
I meant "Hi Rob" ;)
I Rob, I just would like to thank you for this.. for putting your mom's work in a wide range of visibility.. she certainly deserves it.. I just discover her and I'm simply amazed.. reminds me Linda Perhacs and Vashti Bunyan kind of work, which I love.. cheers from Portugal..
Wow, I feel very fortunate to have discovered Sibylle today. Thanks for making this music possible.
I adore Sibylle's bare and sensual musical style. Stumbled upon it on YouTube several months ago and added it to my Pandora music list. Thanks for the web site!
greetings and love from bristol, uk
hey, is the colour green available on vinyl?
This is really quite a nice website. I'd like to say thanks to you who put it together. So lovely, all of it.
Greetings from Greece! Thank you!;-)
I've become completely smitten with your work. Please make another, consider it a personal favor to your biggest fan. =)
i wonder if anyone ever reads guestbooks. send a kiss to your mother for such a calm album. regards from buenos aires.
I want to thank you. For this beautiful site and your mother for her music, where i feel at home. Her ,yrics and tunes touch my heart deeply and keeping me company in time of insane , where all humanity participating.
Still a fan of your music, since 2007. Amazingly beautiful songs!
This is the third winter that 'Colour Green' has rescued me from the cold. thank you sibylle!!!
I just received my copy of Colour Green. It's haunting and beautiful and, by far, my new favorite album. Thank you so much! Huggz!
I got lost in the flawless voice of Sbylle Baier, and I hope I find my way back. Bless You.
Hallo, Volker hier aus Melbourne. Ich habe heute ein Buch von Robert Forster gekauft - 10 Rules of Rock'n'Roll. Darin sind Kritiken von ihm abgedruckt, die in der australischen Zeitschrift Monthly erschienen sind. Darunter auch eine zu Sybille Baier. Er ist erstaunt darueber, wie unglaublich gut eine Deutsche mit der englischen Sprache umgehen kann. Er ist von Sybille's Musik begeistert. Ich hatte bis jetzt nicht die Gelegenheit. mir die Musik anzuhoeren. Ich denke, dass sein Buch erheblich dazu Beitraegt Sybille etwas bekannter zu machen. Aus Melbourne dazu viel Glueck. Schoenen Gruss, Volker
I hurt my leg. An austrian friend brought me muffins and this record. I can't stop listening to Tonight. I belive in beauty. And this song just spills beauty in every direction.
what for great songs and fascinating woman! ...her biography touched me a lot. thanks, Robby!
Your music is with me when I draw and sew, when I took that trip to Ireland too. Colour Green is such a beautiful cozy heart felt album.. Just happy to be able to find this site and say thank you x
Dear Sibylle Baier, you moaned for man you raised the sun, shining, your voice shining invisible pictures coming across the sound, opening doors to new moments, being there, in the flowing currents with flowers like faces in your words thank you
Would love a vinyl. Agree
i love the website you made for your mama, you must love her very much! She has a beautiful soul!
just discovered her music, and would like to say thanks for making it available to the public!
Orange Twin needs to put out a vinyl of this....
These songs are sublime. Now that they are amongst us, may they live forever...
Yes, please, please, please... vinyl! This is really a special album, I still can't believe it's real when I hear it.
absolutely brilliant music.
Robby, you've done great, but for the love of god please try and get Colour Green pressed to vinyl. If only so I can put the record on a gramophone and lie down, dear.
If anyone can help contact me at
Hello, I am in desperate need of a copy of this LP. The record, the vinyl, not the CD version. I'm 20 and in love with this record so badly. Please help. I'll pay anything. It is hard to find music where I live in Rural, cold cold Canada. All I have is a turntable and three pieces of furniture.
I'm just hearing the song "give me your smile"... i'm almost bursting into tears. (Ok, i'm really crying.) Beautiful music, wonderful harmonies... tender voice. Thank you.
sibylle! i'm so glad to have found this site, i found out about you last year i think. you are marvellous and pure-hearted. greets from argentina!
I first heard Sibylle in a mailing list from an independent record store here in New York and bought Colour Green the next day. In those three years, her songs have become very dear to me. I'll often play and sing them to myself or to friends. Thank you, Sibylle, for your wonderful music.
I just heard one of her songs. It moves me to beautiful. God bless you Sibylle.
sibylle's music is so genuine and beautiful. she deserves all the attention she is receiving. does Colour Green come in vinyl anywhere?
I used to hear you but I stopped for a long time and I don t konw how, why, from where??, I was thinking about your music this kind of cottoned snake which pass on my skin... hum... Even if my english is a rubbish, please receive my consideration.
I originally purchased "Colour Green" in 2006 and still love every second of it. The record is just so honest and humble and beautiful, it gets me every time. Good stuff. :)
Warmest hello from Russian fans... We're really greatful for your contribution to the very very reall music...
Rapturously beautiful music and lyrics. I also found out about this music (to my mild embarrassment) through the internet radio service Pandora. Well, it's good that her music is being distributed somehow.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for making this music... its so beautiful
Greetings from Canada...From an old Persian soul... Thank you Sibylle for existing...
I would love to to see her poems and drawings, it would be a privilege to view her work. Her songs are heart warming/renching, beautiful and honest. thank you for the music and the site.
Greetings from Ireland. Thank you for your beautiful and inspirational music. I wasn't even born when your record came out and can't claim to fully understand the era or circumstances in which the record was made, but i can say that it has brought me much happiness and light :)
Thanks for this music, I'm not quite sure how I even heard of it. A wonderful part of one of the songs is the "Hmm" repeating in the title track of colour green. To me it embodies longing and I feel nostalgia when I hear it. Nostalgia for something I've never experienced if that make sense. Wonderful record all the way through. Very captivating. Thank you again, OPEN.
i love your music. it really comes from inside, you really put all of this inside in it. and i love your music. :)
nice to stop by...
The Monthly magazine here in Australia published a story: Lost Women Found - The discovery of Vashti Bunyan, Sibylle Baier and ‘Connie’ Converse by Robert Forster see Can't wait to get hold of the music
This is great, all of it.
Ich weiß, dass diese Nachricht höchstwahrscheinlich niemals bei Ihnen ankommen wird, aber Ihre Musik zwingt mich immer wieder, innezuhalten und mich vollends auf Ihre Stimme und die leisen Gitarrenmelodien im Hintergrund zu konzentrieren....Sie sind hypnotisch....bezaubernd....tja..einfach unbeschreiblich. Okay, jetzt höre ich auf, bevor ich anfange, zu sehr zu schwelgen. Grüße aus Stuttgart.
I just heard about Sibylle's music from's "blog". I'm absolutely in love. It's just beautiful.
I was in Japan 3 years ago in a music shop.And there on a stand i saw the cover of colourgreen.The open field the softeness of her presence.I listened to the voice..angelic and so private..It touched me so deeply..But I had no money on me and when i went back few days after i could not find it..and i couldnt remember her beautiful name..I went back to Greece and the voice was with me..Everytime i would go to a music shop i would check on the stands..And one day 2 years later there it was..I recognised the happy it came to me.. I could finally listen to this voice again..gentle..with gracefull simplicity..Thank you
i was recently listening to some music generated by the website pandora (and this is all new to me, being somewhat of a technophobe myself) and sibylle's music came across the airwaves and i was stopped in my tracks. so lovely and so profound and enjoyable. thank you for making your mothers' music available! tell her my dad still uses a typewriter and he too is made dizzy by the computer... thank you!!
I just bought your album at iTunes. I was blown away by the songs. Thanks for releasing this wonderful work!
This is some of the most beautiful songwriting that I've heard. Being a young, young folk artist myself hearing this inspires me infinitely. I can only hope for more. More from this beautiful, beautiful woman.
I may note the recent chapbook of poems by Sarah Sloat called In The Voice of a Minor Saint. Many similar concepts abound: the melancholy self reflection, the American raising her kids (a daughter and a son) in Germany and the longing pensive state that that set up can produce. I suspect some similar activity there.
It's always nice to know another Sibyl. Beautiful music. Thanks. I am sure someday mt son will improve my website. Great job on your mom's.
It's 4am in NYC and I can't sleep because Sibylle's music has me by the throat and ear. Thank you for releasing it!!
Hello, I am a fan of folk music and have a radio station programmed on Pandora music entitled "Catch the Wind" radio. It plays a continuous stream of folk music. Sibylle Baier's "forget about" came on and I was mesmerized. Thank you for this wonderful contribution to folk music. I guess it's never too late. Matt Cool
I am Dwight Berry's dear friend that lived with him in Waltham in the 80's and traveled together to Indonesia. I remember Robby visiting at Dwight's and we played music together, I on keyboards. I also visited you in the Berkshires when Dwight was living in your cabin. Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi. I heard a song of Sibylle's on Hollow Earth Radio here in Seattle and I thought I must connect. It reminded me of our dearest Dwight. Love to you all, Bobi Lore
A friend from Canada recommended me listen to Sibylle's music - I love it! Can I buy her record anywhere?
I listen to way too much music, but I have been listening to Sibylle's record nonstop since I have gotten it. Deceptively simple, I don't know understand what is so intriguing about it,though I think it might be the honesty.
'Let us know' is wonderful! Thank you.
I am a songwriter too. I have been quite inspired by sibylle´s work lately. thanks, sister.
Dear Sibylle, let's dream of "Wacholderheide". Happy Birthday!! A letter is on its way! Bimbo
Oh, I just found out about Sibylle, she is so great! What a voice. I'ts so pretty!
Thank you Robbie, for publishing these gems! I just found Sybille's music tonight and am absolutely mesmerised. It's hauntingly beautiful and absolutly timeless! What a talent!
i love your voice and how it makes me feel so much...i am so happy i found your voice
beautiful! i love her sibylle's voice so much. i've listened to colour green countless times. thank you!
I just discovered Colour Green. I'm so happy to hear these songs. I can't explain what this all means. Sometimes a person can work themselves away from the rest of the world, alone. And you can get trapped there, not even knowing you're trapped maybe. I've been there since my grandma died. And your mom's music reached out a hand to me, sweetly. And she led me out, nothing to hide. It's safe to come out. Does this make sense? I'm no nutter. At least I don't think so. Thank you for making it possible for me to hear these songs. Please thank your mother.
absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing voice. thank you for sharing! cheers
My friend gave me Sibylle's 'Colour Green' album a few months ago, and I only just got around to listening to it. Within moments her voice and the guitar's melodies completely captured me... It's truly beautiful. I will do my best to spread her music to as many sets of ears as possible. Thanks so much Sibylle, you deserve more recognition (if you should even want it).
I bought the Cd Of Sibeylle Baier I'm in love with her voice and music.
Thanks for your song, Forget About.
i found the vinyl in a record's store in Portland Or last year. i'm from italy. i love your music, your voice, your poetry. it's like fresh air in a world full of shit. thanks so much... you are in my heart.
I go to bed with Sybylle every night and wake up with the morning.
Thanks so much for the beautiful music! It makes the world a more beautiful place! Please please release more songs!!
i found your album last year, and you have no idea the effect it had on me. it's one the most beautiful things i've ever come across and i'll cherish it forever. thank you and take care... shelly morris
What a lovely voice. Please let your Mother know this is a lovely, lovely compilation. Ummm...are you noticing these horrible websites and the like that have been posted here?
I bought the album a few weeks ago. I tried to find it on vinyl, is there one? Beatiful, honest songs. Really interesting and daring arrangements. This is needed in this times of crap music. Say hi from Sweden to Sibylle!
thank you, really nice stuff when there's not much of that going around.
how wonderful that you're still singing. the new song Let us Know is just lovely Sibylle ..
"I Lost Something in the Hills" has the most amazing, incredible lyrics i've ever experienced. Your songs are heaven sent Sibylle.
Amazing songs, beautifull voice... 'colour green' is just perfect. Not to publish this record would have been a crime. Merci...
I just recently stumbled upon Sibylle. I must say that 'Says Elliott' is quite possibly one of the most beautiful songs I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Thank you for making this music available. And thank you to the exquisite women in the photo for creating it.
What an amazing voice you have.. and your songs.. nothing to tell but just like a dream, you are.
thank you !
Just stumbled upon Sibylle's music last night. I've listened to "The End", "Tonight" and "Softly" so many times. It fills a part of me. It's beautiful, everything I love in music. Although you say she'll never see this site, I feel it necessary to say this. Thank you very much for making such beautiful art.
I'm so sorry that the pornography advertisers found this site. I like the new song and I'm excited to hear more. :)
i find her song girl so magnetic and alluring
many thanks for sibylle and her family from serbia. the site is following sibyll's etheral voice and poetic in best way.
my favourite one: Tonight months ago, I had sought infos on the artist or possibly a cd, Im happy to find this site, I repeat it, its one of my favourite voice
Hi, i'm from Brazil, and I'm a fan of gorgeous songs by Sibylle; ''Colour Green'' is now part of my life. I'm waiting for her new songs, and enjoy her majestic criativity!! Músicas que nos tocam profundamente, e que aprendemos a amar!
unglaublich schön! makes me miss germany for some reason.
love it
Hello Sibylle! I'm happy to see you've got a song from Palermo Shooting up to hear. I've been hoping to hear it since you mentioned it to me a while ago. Thanks! Hope all is well in Berkshire County. Yours, Ian
Sibylle's music is hauntingly beautiful. The new song didn't disappoint, but I do hope for more.
on first hearing this album an hour ago, i know it's going to frame my life for a while. thank you.
please re issue the colour green on lp, it is my favorite cd and i would love to hear it on vinyl! thank you, it would make many people happy.
I love Let us know =)
and she's beautiful.
your mother's music and words are very special to me. love from brazil.
I heard about Sibylle's music through Sharon Van Etten's MySpace page after I saw her in concert. Glad I did, thoroughly enjoying her music and trying to spread the word. Thanks so much for releasing these songs!
love the record, was the most difficult album to get a hold of and its worth every bit and more. make another please, thanks
tell your mum that her music is divine. :)
this is the most beautiful thing
How or where do I hear your songs
Your mother's music is amazing. Quite easily on par with the likes of both Joni Mitchell and Joanna Newsom.
Thank you.
I heard about your mother's music from a dear friend of mine and was completely blown away at first listen. Your mother shares one of the most honest portraits about what being a woman, mother, and sensitive artist is like. What women like Anne Sexton and Sylvia Path have done in poems and novels, your mother does with unequaled skill in her lyrics and music.
Thanks, Robby, for taking the time to set up this site. A friend gave me Sibylle's album a year or two ago at a Lamma (Pagan Harvest Festival) celebration in Boston. I listen to her soothing beautiful voice often when I am on the road. Last night I put the record on and that timeless first song filled the room with warmth, tenderness, and quiet intimacy. Sibylle's songs are true magic!
thank you, truely
Thank you so much for your beautiful music.
serendipity - how amazing for this stunningly beautiful album to have been rediscovered, how sad the thought that it may never have happened... what a blessing to the universe is sibylle's music...
I just watched "Alice in the Cities" and heard more about Sibylle in the commentary. Nice MySpace tracks. Hope to be able to get the CD. Good on you for making sure your Mum's lovely work is available to everyone. I didn't know about the cameo in the movie -- must find it before I return the DVD! Cheers
Hola, encontré tu música y me encantó Baier también por parte de madre. de argentina. Un gusto encontrarte. saludos.
Your music is so sweet, i love it, i listened your cd "Colour Green" like a thousand of times in many situacion, but what i most like to do is listening your music while i'm driving, and go REAL SLOW, every driver curses me for that, but i don't care ! greetings from Argentina !! when is the new cd comming ? i want to learn some new songs to sing ... respect
It's a shame i only new Sibylle existed a couple of months ago. She is amazing and her voice just takes me to magical places. She is one of a kind .A genuine artist! please Sibylle keep it up!! and we need to be posted on her updates. <3
I'm from Genova, Italy. I've discovered this album thanks to a friend 6months ago and from that time it has been always on my playlist.. to remember me the freedom of a trip, the interior travel of all of us, the imagine of my city that I love..
I found Sibylle's music through a friend about a year ago. I love the cd and I can't wait to hear some new songs. Happy Mother's Day from me to Sibylle.
sibylle's music is so beautiful, i can hardly believe it's real. please thank her for me. i only discovered her a week ago, and already "Colour Green" is in heavy rotation on my stereo :) i'm a musician and sibylle's sound and pure voice is a constant inspiration and source of comfort for me. she is a very special talent.
Even though she will probably never read this, I'm very grateful that Sibylle's music has been released to the wide world. I find comfort in the entrancing beauty and melancholy of her music and lyrics. As if I know her, she speaks directly to a part of me that sometimes needs speaking to. Thank you. Love. M.
one of the best songwriters ever! is there any chance of posting tabs?
I once heard someone say that some of the best albums will be recorded on a reel-to-reel and they will sit in a shoebox in the attic... Only to be thrown out by the next owner of the house, never to be heard. I'm very glad that these recordings surfaced and were not thrown out! Thank you so much!
I will never tire of your mother's music. Its presence in my life is just so necessary and important. I wish I could know her.
c'est ravissant! how mesmerizing Sibylle's songs are... it feeds my inner child so easily! I'm in a contemplative mood, endlessly. thousands of moving images come to me that I would love to make an animated clip right now!!! :D like a treasure... merci! du fond du coeur!
I never, never, never heard something so beautiful and pure. Thank you so much.
Thanks for the lyrics!
a mother of grand loveliness she Is' I am So thankful to have found her' She her voice comforts Me much and Inspires Me for hope of peace'
Your welcome regarding the lyrics!
Thank you very much for the lyrics!
영혼을 위로해 주는 음악입니다. 특히, forget about을 아주 좋아해요~
thanks for the lyrics!
Robby, Thanks a lot for the lyrics. Sibylle's songs are fabulous. The best for you.
your voice and music is truly wonderful. thank you.
..if only i could get my hands on an lp
i really like this music. robby - tell your mother than i think shes awesome. i am gonna tell everyone i know about this music.
it does me so good
just heard this lp, someone tipped me off about it a couple of years ago, but i forgotten her name! found it eventually, dropped into my lap like most of the things we never knew we needed so badly do..i will be playing it for myself and others for many moons to come...
you have probably never heard of the band animal collective, but when your record came out they loved it and recommended it to all of their fans.
I adore this music. She sounds like Nick Drake. I'm sure she didn't think so at the time, but I love to think so anyways,
Hello, i would just like to thank you for creating this site and send the greatest thanks to Sibylle for the beautiful melodies and intimate literature that comes across in her music. my best regards.
hello dear family baier, i'm amazed nobody mentioned the movie 'alice in the cities' (alice in den städten), as sibylle baier has a small role in it and even sings one of the 'colour green' songs. just saw it again a few days ago. her music, like this movie, are very precious to me.
Bravo et Merci , The color green is one of my favorite records peace and love from Paris France
astounding , real love
gut ding will weile haben... fantastisches album
Sibylle's songs have inspired me to write again. I wrote my first song in 3 years after hearing Colour Green.
Thank you sibylle, for conducting my saddest summer, for making this music which has effected me so profoundly. All my love, as long as i shall live.
I think her music just so incredible. Her story is an interesting one, so it's understandable she's baffled by the success of something I'm sure she never knew would be. But her music is incredible, and I'm sure you were spoiled as a child with some lovely lullabies. Let her know that we all love her lovely music!
I second the movement for lyrics.
so sweet and lovely...
I won't repeat all the much deserved praise that's been heaped on "Colour Green" as I'd risk sounding redundant. I will, however, echo the request someone already made for the lyrics to the songs to be put up. So please Robby, would you consider doing this? Given the nature of the songs the lyrics are very important, and they're a bit hard to understand at places. And just to finish off, kudos to Derek Almstead who mastered the album. It sounds pretty damn good for recordings made in the '70s outside of a studio environment.
this voice really moves me in a deep and powerful way. I am so happy she made this album. it seems like a great document of a moment in a life. recordings can be so amazing because they can capture an actual space in time. thank you.
amazing music..beautiful..
Great songs, great singing !! Thank you.
LOVE the record, it is very beautiful.
Beautiful. Thank you. A couple of the songs bring to mind Lenard Cohen, Syd Barrett,and Nick Drake.
Hey Rob, thankyou for putting up this site. I am glad that at least your mother knows that a great deal of people love her music and sing those lyrics on long trips through Vermont.
I love Sibylle,your song makes me happy.
amazing. i can't believe i didn't find out about you sooner. your songs are glorious. big big love
I love you, Sibylle. I will cover your songs and spread the word. Peace.
I'm falling on my knees in front of Sibylle!I've just discovered that beautiful album and I'm absolutely in love with it!The words and the music of each song are so deep,just magical,makes me want to wonder through the imaginary lands of beauty and kindness...thanks a lot for this beauty!!!!!!!Thanksss!!!!!
Yes, that`s from Serbia...
Yes this is much but we want more!!! Sibylle, you won my miss of the world competition today...
I am from Greece, I really love these songs, thank u very match!
I love "Colour Green", thanks for making it available after so many years.
what a treasure this album, these songs. I woke up with the Elliot poem in my head. These songs, your voice, go to the heart. Your songs are stories, so intimate, they seem like memories of my own. thank you for this gift, what beautiful music. I hope you are very very well, and happy.
Thanks for putting this music out there Robby. It's wonderful stuff. Thank your mother for giving it to the world.
Hey! Hello from France. I'm in love with your voice, your songs... Just happy to say it to you. Thanks
the album is beautiful, it is delicate and lovely. sibylle is very pretty as well. thanks for having the website up, my sister is newly converted to the album as well. take care
I've just heard "Colour Green" for the first time on and tnought it was lovely. I was sufficiently intrigued to run a websearch which brought me here. Thank you for your part in helping this lovely music to reach a wider audience.
so intimate, so beautiful. one in a million.
Even though I was around in the '60s and 70s I have only just discivered your mother. Her voice and her songs are exquisite and touch something deep. It could be said that she should have recorded more but perhaps a small amount of exquisiteness is enough. Thank you so very much.
Hello. Awsome page. Really nice of your part to build this little sanctuary. Ok, please, tell your mother that she got me. Woah, she truly got me. I love her music so much. I can't stop listening the CD (I bought one at "Forgett" is a magical song. I don't even know what I feel when I hear it. I start to feel a kind of sad but I want to keep listening. Every night I pass all night listening and listening. The album is eternal. Dude, what a cool mom you have. Please, send my gratefulness to her for that wonderful music. From Caracas, Venezuela. Hugs. MHP. P.S:Excuse me for my english.
I recently read a review of Sibylle's music and so purchased 'Colour Green'. It is a beautifully atmospheric recording. She should be really proud of it. Thank you Rob and Sibylle.
so pretty
A page with lyrics would be so great. Your music is so profoundly beautiful and poetic. It really moves me. Thank you!
Sibylle, I have never felt so emotionally attached to an album before. I am beyond amazed with the songs. They are of an unusual exquisiteness... there have never been such beautiful songsby anyone before.Sibylle, thank you for creating the only 14 songs that I can listen to through every mood, season and second. I've never used the word love towards a person whom I'm not related to but I do love you.
This album is beautiful. I was moved deeply when I first heard it. Please pass along a thank you, and an apology. I always feel as though I'm imposing by listening to something so personal.
i am from a small town of China my English is too poor to describe my love to her music
so, not only did sibylle make this incredible music and i got to hear it, she also inadvertently introduced me to drop b tuning when i taught myself 'i lost something in the hills', and have now written about five songs in it. huge huge thankyous to her. and, i want to say, im sure people would be interested in the songs written since colour green - knock vashti's socks off, go on - do it! will x
comes as it's needed beautiful and refrescante in this sunny spring as it was recorded yesterday
nostalgic tinge as childhood love. Songs soft, as her hair; the girl that lived next door. I am in love through her music, alive to live, and laugh again. In the trees, my love
Sibylle's sweet voice is flowing above the spring in my coutry, Japan. She is a part of my life. Thank you,
last night was strange. i live out in the middle of nowhere. just stumbled across your album colour green randomly. we were all pilled out of our minds, i leaned my head on my loves shoulder. she left. i sat with my friend who was on acid listening to colour green crying our eyes out and.......ya, you know how it goes. it was just one of those nights. and your music happened to make a big part of that night. the world is crumbling, we are all suffering, thats why there are friends. i hope your life is beautiful and spread your beautiful sound, it is full of comfort and sinister in a way
just received the vinyl from isota – what a beautiful, peaceful record. Just listening to the first side has turned this day into something special. Thank you for creating this music
beautiful lovely amazing thank you
i like to think sibylle is a phantom, not a real person. she has got too haunting a voice to be real. i believe in her ghost and i'll never tire of listening to her sing me to sleep
Absolutely wonderful. I would love the chance to photograph her. I would love the chance to know her.
remarkably beautiful music. it truly would've been a misfortune to go through life without have experiencing sibylle baier's music. lets all be thankful.
i know a lot of music. only this has affected me... to a sublime feeling i cannot describe. i know nothing now, only this feeling. i`ll listen to this all my life, and never know why it affects me.
I just wanted to say that Sibylle is brilliant, and I can't wait to see more things put on this site. Her music is wonderul and inspiring.
i listened to the album laying in bed at night. i was deeply stirred by it. the voice, the simple imagery that explains so much emotionally. a pure expression. it is a blessing to hear.emotion emotion emotion!!
seriously amazing. nonstop on my stereo. many many thanks.

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