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Hi guys
Welcome to the new site!  I had to switch the site because of a crazy guestbook spam issue that had us deleting hundreds of entries every day.  I hope you like the new look.  I have added some more functionality to it and intend to update more often now.  Thanks for being awesome fans of Sibylle’s!!
Best, Robby

Kim Kordon - NY Times


Check out this wonderful compliment to Sibylle from Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon: 

NY Times - Kim Gordon

Checking In

Dear fans of Sibylle! I want to thank you all sincerely for your heartfelt comments on the guest book page. I just visited it after a long absence, clearing out the junk postings and was again so moved by the impact that Sibylle's music is having out there. I am re-inspired to pick up the song book idea! Thanks for the comments regarding that! I have also been listening to the as of yet unreleased recordings that I still have of Sibylle's and am working on releasing another album in 2014. I have also set up an official Facebook page for those of you who would like to like it: That's all for now! Thanks again! Best, Robby

Vinyl is here!!

Finally the second vinyl edition of Colour Green is available at Orange Twin Records!!! Thanks for the wait. Here is the shopping cart link:

Vinyl on the Way

To all of you who have been itching for a vinyl copy of Colour Green: There is light at the end of the tunnel. We have contracted with a vinyl distributor and we should be able to offer the album in the spring. Thanks for waiting!!

Morning Magazine

Sibylle has been featured in the first issue of Morning Magazine. Morning is a magazine devoted to cult sixties/seventies music. Each copy of the magazine features exclusive interviews and original artwork by Iker Spozio. Each issue will be run in a limited edition of 130 numbered copies. For die hard Sibylle fans this intimate interview is a must have.

Wim Wenders, Palermo Shooting

Sibylle's song "Let Us Know" is in Wim Wender's new film Palermo Shooting. The Soundtrack is available at amazon.

Sibylle's New Song!

I am pleased to say that one of Sibylle's new Songs "Let Us Know" is now available for you to listen to on the Music Page. We recorded it together in the spring, for Wim Wender's new movie "The Palermo Shooting". I added some background sounds/atmosphere per Wim's request. It will be available on the Palermo Shooting soundtrack. I will post more info on that release as soon as I hear about it. Enjoy!!

Sibylle in the Studio

Sibylle and I have been working on some of her new songs. That's right! She recently wrote two new ones (inspired by all of you). She also worked up some piano pieces she wrote in the mid eighties, several years after we all moved to the States. I can't wait to show them to you!! Perhaps in the fall we will be ready to release another album. Don't hold us to it, though. Sibylle has her own rhythms and tides that don't react to deadlines. But I guess you already knew as much. In any case, I promise to upload a new track in June.

Lyrics are up!

Click on the Music link and then on the song titles to read Sibylle's lyrics.

Thanks for all the entries!

I just checked by the site after months of absence and was so inspired by all your comments!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write. It is so great that Sibylle's musik is out there, moving hearts and stirring souls. I promise to be more active on this site in the future.

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Orange Twin Records
This is Sibylle's Record Label. They are a really great bunch of people. You can purchase Colour Green directly from them.

SubStation Studio
This is Robby Baier's Music Recording Studio

Soultube Music
Soultube Music is my publishing company publishing Sibylle's Music.